Yelena York is an Armenian-American Artist based in Los Angeles. Her extensive background in graphic design and photography easily led her to a career in fine art. Her impressive collections of fine art and mixed media pieces are comprised of a breathtaking spectrum of colors and 22 karat gold and silver leafing.


Her paintings take up to four months to complete, each totally hand done free style on canvas with no initial sketch work. Her meticulous pointillism words with pen and ink leave no room for error, each finished to precision with no mistakes, lest she begin all over again. A true perfectionist at heart, York brings her magical energy and impeccable form to each piece that can only be admired with awe and appreciated for its own excellence.


In a very short period of time York already has an impressive list of exhibitions and privet collectors, adding to that list, receiving an Best Artist Award at the Oxford International Art Fair in 2015.


For the past 12 months York as been working on a piece day and night, which will be shown to the public very soon.

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